bioWorld Five Nights at Freddy's 48 x 60 Plush Throw Blanket

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bioWorld Five Nights at Freddy's 48 x 60 Plush Throw Blanket Review

How to Store Bedding : Wash for storage

It can be tempting to easily remove the bed with seasonal or replacement bedding, store it and wash it for the next use. But even if your sheets, pillowcases and comforters look clean, skin cells and body oils can accumulate and form a substrate for bacteria and mites. They can break the bed over time.

Before you prepare your bedding, take the time to wash or dry it. You not only help to maintain the strength and softness of the bed, but it also prevents you from working on future visits from your in-laws.

Choose a cool, dry place

Wherever you want sheets, pillowcases and comforters, make sure it is a cool, dark, dry place. In the case of short-term storage, an attachment is ideal for bedding or a drawer under the bed. If you keep them longer, experts recommend a lighter solution. This helps prevent mold growth and protects the bed against moisture, stains and damage.

Use the correct container

Plastic containers are an economical, watertight and reusable option for storing linen. Larger items are ideal for storing larger items such as pillows and bedspreads, and space-saving containers can be stored in tight spaces such as beds.

Cedar boxes store natural-quality souvenirs for natural fiber underwear, because cedar oil is ringworm and insect repellent. Tip: You can increase the efficiency of the wood by polishing the inside of the box every year to stimulate the wood oils.

Finally, vacuum bags are the ideal choice for small spaces. By placing the bed in these plastic or nylon bags, you can also be sure that the bed fits perfectly by reducing the space that the bed occupies. (Tip: Specialists are against placing real goose down in vacuum bags, but all other synthetic and natural fibers are perfect.

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