Disney Mickey Mouse Amazing Day Woven Tapestry Throw

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Disney Mickey Mouse Amazing Day Woven Tapestry Throw Review

How to Clean Sheets : Dry the sheets and make the bed

Dry the leaves on a rope to save energy. When the day is sunny, you can dry the sheets on a rope in your garden. You save energy and electricity with a string for underwear.

Dry the clothes in the dryer to shorten the drying time. If it rains or if you have no underwear, you can choose a dryer. The dryer gives your sheets a soft and pleasant feel and is more effective than a washing line if you need dry sheets immediately.

Select the correct setting for the dryer. As a general rule, it is best to choose medium or low heating settings. Thanks to this, the sheets are more durable. You can also choose an automatic setting that indicates when the sheets are dry.

Put the sheets on the bed as soon as they come out of the dryer. If you put them in bed, if they are still hot, they go to bed. In addition, the sheets are smooth and pressed, even if they have not been pressed.

Save the bed with clean sheets. You will probably get a better night's sleep when you make your bed. Begin by stretching the flexible corners of the sheet at each corner of the mattress. Then unfold the top layer of the mattress and unfold the 4 sides underneath. Place the quilt last above.

Keep the leaves in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. Each set of sheets can be stored in a matching pillowcase. Thanks to this, your drawers are clean. Place the upper and lower sheets on the cover 1. You can also place a second cover.

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